The Omnichannel Rules Engine

2 min readMay 11, 2022


With the omnichannel rules engine, contextualize real-time interactions and offer seamless audience journeys.

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What exactly is it?
The Resulticks Omnichannel Rules Engine is a real-time decision engine that controls the kind, frequency, and response to each interaction across all touch points.

What is the mechanism behind it?
The engine finds and prioritizes the communication rules to execute depending on a number of parameters after detecting and processing complex events from all integrated data sources, channels, and destinations.

· Audience type

· Frequency and lifetime caps

· Relevant rules and conditions

· ML-derived individual audience propensities

· Rule priority

After identifying the rules, extracting the dynamic list, and contextually preparing the material, the engine distributes the content based on the preferences of your audience members in terms of channel, time, offer, and content.

The engine also initiates data synchronization at every touch point to identify all individuals and enrich their profiles, guaranteeing that their omnichannel experience is relevant at all times, regardless of the touch point.

In action: the Resulticks Omnichannel Rules Engine

  1. Jake receives an email from Vision Bank offering him a personal loan.
  2. He navigates to the auto loan section after clicking to see the offer. He begins the process of filling out the application form.
  3. He closes the website, though, without completing the form.
  4. After two days, I found myself at an ATM. Jake notices an on-screen reminder to finish his auto loan application. He selects to have the application form sent to him via SMS.
  5. He receives an SMS containing a smart link to a half filled form, which he uses to continue his loan application.
  6. He submits his loan application in its entirety.
  7. Jake receives an email shortly after that confirming the successful submission of his loan application.

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